Why Sell with Us?

Are you looking to Sell a Veterinary Practice now, or within the next 5 years? Selling a Vet Practice can be a time consuming, stressful and a confusing time, and …

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Free Advisory Services

What we offer… In addition to buying and selling Veterinary businesses, we also provide a range of advisory services and referrals with a strong focus on customer service including but …

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Why Buy With Us?

Sick of working for someone? Stuck in an inflexible corporate system? Not happy with the standards your boss sets? Don’t like your hours? Know you can do things better? It …

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  • The information you provided is very well laid out, clear and reflects well on you.

    Paul M – Buyer

  • Thanks for the info. I love the way you present all the information as a broker! makes things a lot easier .

    Antonio – Buyer

  • “I could not have achieved this sale without your help”
    “You were prompt in your replies. You cut to the chase when things got a bit “emotional” which is vital in such negotiations.”
    “you presented everything well.”
    “The extra services is the fact you not only having been a vet but one who has sold your practice so you know from personal experience whats involved”
    “i would use your services again would highly recommend you to others wanting to sell their practice”

    Dr Philip Peters

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