Why Sell with Us?

Are you looking to Sell a Veterinary Practice now, or within the next 5 years?

Selling a Vet Practice can be a time consuming, stressful and a confusing time, and it requires the correct legal process. The process is full of pitfalls and risks. Care must be taken to minimise these. You are usually dealing with one of your biggest assets and you often only have one go at it. You need to get it right the first time!

It needs strong market knowledge and plenty of research to know where to target buyers and how much to ask for.

You have come to the right place as we utilise our exceptional customer service and sales skills when it comes to selling your Veterinary practice in WA.

NB: The Corporate buyers, now no longer buy everything, despite what they say on their Websites. They have become very risk adverse and you need to present your practice just right to get the best price or an offer at all. We can certainly help here. Remember you will only get one change with them. Please contact us for Obligation Free advice if this is a consideration.

This is where Dr Robert Adams and HPB Vet Brokers come in, we understand the market. We conduct a full analysis of your business to find the right buyers for your practice.

We take in to consideration the goodwill, plant and equipment value, location, and many other key aspects when assessing the value of your business to ensure nothing is left out that could add value to your selling price.

Direct marketing to my Database of EVERY registered Vet in WA is unique and unsurpassed. You cannot get more directly in front of your most likely buyers.

I help through the whole negotiation and legal sale process to make sure nothing is missed and that you achieve the Maximum price.

Health Practice Brokers work alongside you and your business and will always have your best interests at heart when selling your business.

If you are considering selling anytime within 5 years please contact me for Free Confidential advice on how to go about setting up your business for sale or the sale process. I am only too happy to help.

Why Sell Through Us?

  • I currently have ( 52 ) Buyers looking for specific Practices in WA.
  • I conduct a full market assessment of your business.
  • I consistently research and evaluate the market, so that our sellers have the most up to date market knowledge.
  • I take into consideration the value of the entire business.
  • You will Always get a better price on the open market than you will selling internally.
  • I market DIRECTLY to ALL registered Vets in WA. You can not get better coverage than that to potential Buyers!
  • We are a small, independently owned brokerage who work alongside your business to provide a professional, personalised service for our valued clients.
  • We employ our strong customer service skills to help you sell your practice with ease.

Thinking you can do it yourself to save money?

I very commonly get practice owners asking me to sell their practice after they have tried themselves.
They have failed because of a variety of reasons:
Nothing was marketed well; a full proposal was not presented well, or at all.
If they did manage to get some interest – Buyers were not given the right information, or ALL the information; they were not helped to get finance; nothing gets to the buyer because the seller is too busy; or the process for the buyer all seemed too hard. Then it all falls through wasting everyone’s time and you have lost, potentially the one real buyer!

The problem then is that the practice has then been on the market for some time and not sold. So people think there is something wrong with it.

If presented well, marketed well and followed up well  you will ALWAYS get a price that is well above any extra brokering costs. In fact I will GUARANTEE you will more cover my cost! Best of all it ACTUALLY GETS DONE, and done properly, and with the least amount of stress for the seller.

Please don’t waste your precious time and money.

I am always happy to chat about any questions or concerns, please give me a call now on 0407 988 544