Paws and Claws Vet – Mundaring

Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital is 1.5 to 2 Vet size, 100% Small animal Practice located in the magnificent Perth Hills township of Mundaring. It was Established in 2001 by the current owner however there has been a Vet at the site previously since 1994. It has been run profitably as a 2 Vet practice throughout this time.

Dr Ian Hainsworth – Seller Paws & Claws Mundaring:

What services and advise from me did you find most helpful?

Valuing (ie the $ figure) of the business and property is and was a definite stress relief.
No matter what we THINK anything is worth, having somebody with current market experience provide guidance is reassuring.

Having said that, perhaps you undervalue yourself?
Providing a valuation for a client and allowing them to know just what it would cost them from independent valuer, would allow them to appreciate your time and expertise more?
I have undertaken valuation on various matters a few times, and so I was already aware just how costly this can be (and should be).
Maybe your clients take your valuation services for granted somewhat?

Having the checklists in the time coming up to settlement also, was useful and saved time.

Was there anything you found invaluable or that you could not have done yourself?

Come up with a market price

In my situation I wasn’t deeply bothered by the final price, but am grateful for the realistic guidance that you gave, as this aligned buyer and seller expectations and made a likely sale more probable.

If I had a client in a similar situation would you be ok to chat with them?

More than happy to chat with them.


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