Sue Joubert

I have learned a lot especially about the different  services  that are offered around and would recommend yours without hesitation.
First communication – I actually had  my initial call answered and spoke to a real  person. Very easy to communicate with and a good listener. Listened with empathy & understanding as he came from  a veterinary background and had owned  & sold a veterinary practice. Explained the difference appraisal vs valuation
Explained the sales process very clearly and the timeline involved
Assisted with  organising accurate P&L statement with accountants  who clearly had no experience with preparing accounts for sale of a business.
Kept the negotiations rolling  along and seemed to have a real sense of when to push or back off.
The communications were transparent for both seller and buyer, preventing a legal  smorgasbord occurring .

I had done all the business courses preparing for an eventual sale but failed to realise that sale of business is all about profit margins, nothing about work culture and development of lifestyle.
Basically I had no idea  about how to proceed and  I could never have gotten to organise a  sale .
I didn’t know of any suitable  legal firm , conveyancing firms. Suggestions proved very efficient, capable and economical.

There was no way that I would have gotten to first base. Rob helped with an initial appraisal and then proceeded to do the negotiations on  my behalf, discussing each  procedure as it occurred. This enabled me to remain  at  arms’ length from the negotiations. This was important as the potential buyer was an employee of the practice.

I was very happy with the price achieved.
Was great to find someone who actually wanted to do a great  job.
The advice regarding accounts, licences & permits transfers was invaluable and the handy hints on how to avoid disruption to business at change-over were very much appreciated.

Robert Adams

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