Collie & Narrogin Vet

Collie / Narrogin Veterinary Services

This Business was initially established in the 1970s and owned by the current owners since 1987. It has been an integral part of the Collie and surrounding rural community since then.
The practice has seen constant growth since its inception and has extended to Narrogin where it now also has a fully equipped hospital.
It has ample capacity to expand as the current demand is not met. Due to health reasons one full time partner ceased working in Nov 2021.
They are a quintessential mixed country practices 70% Small 20% Equine 9% Large and 1% Wildlife.
The practices are very productive, have a large loyal and constantly growing client base that appreciates high quality veterinary care.
All locations boast superb facilities situated in vibrant growing communities in in beautiful surroundings.
The owners would prefer to sell the Narrogin and Collie practices together but would consider splitting the businesses. The owners will also consider staying on in a reduced capacity as employees if the buyer so wishes.



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